On Friday, I’m running to catch the handle on the freight train and pull myself up. Walk through the empty car, sprawl out on the worn out seat of the urgent and watch the world blur past. Wait long enough for my heart to slow from swimming in the deep end of my cerebral pool. And watch the horses graze on rest.

And just when I sink in to the comfortable chair of belonging, Saturday saunters in with her dainty tray of service opportunities to seduce me. The smell of money; needs catering to a mind full of self.

” . . . .but I can’t give up my Sundays, sir, indeed I can’t. I read that God made man, and he made horses and the other beasts, and as soon as he made them he made a day of rest, and bade that all should rest one day in seven; and I think sir, He must have known what was good for them, and I am sure it is good for me. . . .” ~Black Beauty, The Sunday Cab 

Courage and conviction, I’ll take some of that. When duty calls you away from good intentions, may you hear the hallelujahs in the hedges. Even Jesus healed on the Sabbath.

“I have not lost my Sunday after all, for the birds were singing hymns in every bush, and I joined in the service.” ~Black Beauty, The Golden Rule 

Did you know that Black Beauty, Chapter 36 & 37 are on Sabbath? I didn’t, until a Sabbath sister told me. You can download the classic read on your Kindle here, it’s free.


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