Looking at the time on my clock, I feel anxiety rise to the surface. It’s already 10:00 in the morning and I’m still sitting in my pajamas, aimlessly scrolling through Facebook. My tea is cold in my favorite cup. Two hours past the time I usually take a morning walk, I’ve missed the window of neighborhood stillness. Island sun sets in a vast expanse of marble blue but my soul is cloudy.

Singing has turned into mumbling over the past few weeks. I’m exhausted.

But time is a bully, only if I allow it. Covering up three days of dirty hair under a ball cap, I exchange my pajamas for sweats and take an impromptu jaunt with my camera strapped over my shoulder.

Fall brings a pleasant shift from summer’s brightness, a beautiful slant illuminating what was hidden and washed out, the same way a walk clears the cobwebs of insular thinking.

I used to think that taking walks, practicing photography and spending hours curled up on the couch with the treasure of story in my lap is an extravagance of riches. But I don’t believe that anymore.

It’s not irresponsible to cultivate the passion God creates within each one of us.

Looking through my lens brings perspective and reading the pages of a good book cures anxiety and listlessness. These are some of the non-negotiables in my make-up. Things I do that untangle the knots of wishful thinking. They aren’t electives, they are my life blood.  And God knows that.

When I push off my non-negiotables, trading them for what makes me feel less guilty, I become a vapor of my former self.

Meandering bike rides and walks, photography, reading a variety of books, and writing down my daily thoughts in a journal are part of my customized prescription for wholehearted living.

A daily dose transforms my humming into singing.

I’m noticing how leaves cascade like a chameleon carpet on the pier. And look, there’s a raccoon crossing the road, galloping into the forest. Light and shadow are no longer wallflowers on my porch; they’re doing the waltz as the world tilts.  The view looks good from here.

What are your non-negotiables for wholehearted living?

Some art  from the collection informing my thinking this week (outside of The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown of course):

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