Perform impossibilities

or perish. Thrust out now

the unseasonal ripe figs

among your leaves. Expect

the mountain to be moved.

Hate parents, friends and all

materiality. Love every enemy.

Forgive more times than seventy-seven.

Camel-like, squeeze by

into the kingdom through

the needle’s eye. All fear quell.

Hack off your hand, or else

unbloodied, go to hell.

Thus the divine unreason.

Despairing now, you cry

with earthy logic – How?

And I, you God, reply:

Leap from your weedy shallows.

Dive into the moving water.

Eyeless, learn to see

truly. Find in my folly your

true sanity. Then Spirit-driven,

run on my narrow way, sure

as a child. Probe, hold

my unhealed hand, and

bloody, enter heaven.

 Luci Shaw, The foolishness of God, 1 Corinthians 1:20-25

May we each remember the unfathomable ways of God cannot always be explained and often seem foolish to the hearts of men. And perhaps sometimes, and most of the time, and always, we must let go of what feels counterintuitive. 

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