When you are tempted to add another steamy dish to your plans for the dinner table or to clean out one more closet; fold that pile of laundry now needing the wrinkle-free cycle or sweep the mess the birds left on the sidewalk,

When you convince  yourself that every little thing might fall apart because you haven’t had time to bake for their sleepover,

When that relative you pray will understand you this time and you get that familiar blank look,

When the shoulds on the list are greater in number than passions you’ve pushed off for months,

When you lock yourself in the bathroom, turn on the faucet and let tears stream down your face,

When all your idealism is a landslide of reality piled up at your feet,

Remember that God misses you when you’re busy and

looks forward to dancing cheek-to-cheek on the Sabbath.

God cares more about who you are than what you do.

Peace is sure in His embrace.

Want to make rest a routine, not just something you fill in between the cracks of your busyness? Join the Sabbath Society. Find out more here. And join Sabbath-keepers in community with the hashtag #sabbathsociety on Twitter and Instagram and on our Pinterest board, Surrendering to Sabbath.

Inspired reading from the Sabbath Society this week:

Reclaiming Sabbath Keeping by Deidra Riggs (and check out Instead while you are over there – it made me laugh.)

How I Thought being a Mom Disqualified me from the Sabbath by Becky Keife

Sabbath in the South by Kris Camealy

Happy Sabbath Friends!