Here we are again. Can you believe another month has passed? I do this fun post once a month, sharing the random things I’ve learned in community with Emily Freeman. Besides my weekly letter to the Sabbath Society peeps, this has become one of my favorite things to write. Here are a dozen random curiosities I noted learning in March:


1)      Justin Timberlake’s mother was the legal guardian for Ryan Gosling while they were taping the Mickey Mouse Club. It proves my suspicion is right — being a movie star is really all about who you know in the biz. Obviously, mothers have all the clout.

2)      I’m related to the Lord Mayor of London, Issac Pennington from the 1600’s per my ancestral archives. I learned this previously but my husband keeps bringing it up in conversation, hence, I re-learned this little tid-bit of my history this month.

3)      Tom Hanks was once enlisted in seminary to become a priest. Technically, it is possible that my husband and Forrest Gump could’ve pastored a church together. I know, that’s not funny.

4)      There are 5 to 10 times more stars than there are grains of sand on all the world’s beaches. If you can wrap your mind around all the number crunching, this article spells it out.

5)      It is possible to watch the process of hibernation from a lizard on your house plant all winter. And then write for The High Calling about what the ectothermic state from a binocular view teaches you about rest.  (I learned what ectothermic means too.)


6)      I didn’t realize how invested I am in the storyline of The Good Wife until Josh Charles died last week. #shock #horror #disappointment

7)      When your kids are toddlers, turning 18 seems like a whole lifetime away, something you can push off and think about later. Later happened this month with my firstborn. I’m still in denial.


8)      Once I conquer something new and master it, I get bored easily. I see this as a strength and a weakness. I embrace a challenge but I’m not good with the long haul. I’m blaming it on my ENFP personality. However, being married must still be a challenge (thankfully).

9)      I never thought this would happen and I’m hesitant to admit it. My dark chocolate addiction has been slighted by raisins. (It’s weird, I know that.)

10)   Driving nine hours in one day to spend four hours with a friend you admire is worth it.

11)   Giving up books for Lent is actually easier than I thought.

12)   Only reading the Bible during Lent helps you think your own thoughts with greater clarity and conviction. I’ve learned to trust my thoughts first instead of assuming someone else said it better.

What have you learned this month?