Sabbath-keeping is more than time management. It is a fresh orientation to time, where we think with holy imagination about how the arc of our moments and hours and days intersects with eternity. ~Mark Buchanan, The Rest of God

Before you throw your hands up and quit, giving in to exasperation, remember we are not called to be driven with time but purposeful in it. Time is not a possession to be managed with a tight fist  but an open-handed, generous gift to be given away. Spend time with God by resting and listening, then waste it for the sake of someone else. And watch Him redeem it like the tithe.

Happy Sabbath Friends!

Links I enjoyed reading around the web this week:

Three Reasons You Need to Slow Down by Jeff Goins: When we race from one thing to the next, we end up leading busy, but insignificant lives. 

When You Realize It’s Not About You by Margaret Feinberg:  Could it be that God is using these, like he did with Jacob, as a gentle reminder that it’s not about you and cause you to grow and experience the transforming power of God in your life?

When You’re So Happy it Scares You by Emily Wierenga:  . . . on days like today, I feel the Lord is delighting in us. I feel like Jehovah is throwing open the floodgates of heaven and pouring out so much blessing there is no room in my heart to store it.

The Ministry of Funfetti by D.L. Mayfield: Anything that asks us to walk in our belovedness and extend that to other people is the best kind of madness there is.

Hope When Your Plans Get Interrupted by Holley Gerth: This ended up being a providential post, originally published the week I lost my brother to an overdose last year. I didn’t realize it was exactly this week a year ago that Holley posted it until I went back to it to get the link to add here. God’s timing is perfect!

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