I’ve been a bit quiet here this week, but thoughts are rolling around in my head waiting to pour out onto the page. If I’m quiet it means I’m living life and enjoying it.

Last night my girl and I left a house full of boys and drove to Target. I mean, what girl doesn’t like a little Target wandering on a Friday night? And like most of those excursions, what happens in a car conversation under an umbrella of starry sky, windows rolled down in July and the radio blaring Adam Levine, is where I feel the presence of God hovering.

As we enter Sabbath, may you allow the wind to blow your hair and time to carry you where it may. Turn up the volume on fun and listen to the way He’s laughing with you. Sabbath is like a Target date just waiting to happen.

Happy Sabbath Friends!


Some links to check out:

Remember the Sabbath by Glynn Young – a lovely poem that cuts to the heart on the question of Sabbath.

Books on Faith: The Sabbath World by Yours Truly – my contribution to a book club at the High Calling this week; a lawn chair conversation with H’s grandmother haunts me and informs my Sabbath practice. Join us every Monday in July?

Time Sickness by Laura Boggess – Laura is one of my favorite writers, she often carries me to another place with her words, like a good movie you get lost in. She’s also a new Sabbath Sister – yay!

If you’re asking, “What is a Sabbath Sister?” — check out the Sabbath Society.


Things coming up:

I little story I wrote called Redefining Childhood, about my time in Rwanda when I interviewed some children, is over at CausePub waiting for your vote. It’s an editor’s pick for a book awaiting publication called Couch Rebels. I would be honored to have your vote if you have time to click over here.

Join me here on the blog this Monday for a guest post from my dear friend Margaret Feinberg, where she’ll be sharing about Sabbath and I’ll be giving away her book. Invite your friends, it’ll be awesome.