I sent this letter to the #Sabbath Society this week and I felt like Jesus said to share it with everyone, so I am. If you need some encouragement to observe Sabbath rest, you’ve come to the right place and your welcome. We’re keeping a seat open at the table that never runs out of chairs. Join us.


So, here in the tenth week, it’s where things can get a little tired and mundane. The newness of the discipline wears off like a New Year’s resolution. Maybe you haven’t been as faithful or diligent as you envisioned. Discovered your expectations were unrealistic? You don’t want to quit because you’re certain the benefits are worth it but you just can’t seem to muster up the gumption to do it the way you hoped you would.

So now what?

You quit putting all those silly expectations on yourself that’s what. You know, the ones even Wonder Woman and Martha won’t accomplish. Stop telling yourself you are a failure at yet again, one more thing. You take one step at a time. Each step forming the clump of millions that God intends to use to transform your life. Because our success doesn’t teeter on today’s perceived failure or missing the mark.

Even Jesus doesn’t do it all, he only does what God asks.

“When we’re moving toward change in our lives we naturally tend to return to the status quo, and change always includes some resistance – internally as well as externally. As anyone who lifts weights knows, resistance is an important part of growth, but it also means being prepared to meet the challenge.” ~Holley Gerth, Do What You Can Plan

And growth isn’t always glamorous and fun. It can be downright dull and uncomfortable. A tree doesn’t stretch into arms of luscious canopy over night, it grows little by little, one day, week, and month at a time. So if you are feeling like throwing in the towel on week ten, I want to encourage you.

Sit down, think about what you’ve learned, where you have grown so far, how Sabbath informs the rest of your week and make a note of it. Then discover how you can observe Sabbath in a way that works for you. In Holley’s words, “Life isn’t a sprint. It’s a long, good ride.”

And I’m in this with you for the long haul. You know that right?

May He meet you in the unpredictable and the planned, the upside down messy and the organized chaos of your weekend. Knowing we don’t have to carry pom-poms and wear a happy face to walk with Jesus. He meets us right where we are. In sloppy sweat pants, bed head, bad breath and bedlam – all of it.


For your weekend reading:

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Small Potatoes by Deidra Riggs: “Different seasons. Different dreams. All of them beautiful, God-sized, incredible dreams.” Deidra’s words often make me cry, but that’s what heart friends are for right? I’m speaking at her retreat in a few short weeks, check it out here.

A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman: Okay so she wrote this last week but I’m still thinking about it because I happened to be in a small group of people at a conference who saw the unveiling of her new book and I just can’t wait to get my hands on it because those few hours with her, they left a mark on me.

Early Weekend – Take Me Away by Jody Collins, a Sabbath Sister I’m honored to walk with.