When your kids can’t seem to get out of bed and you’re running late, the milk has soured and you forgot to run the dishwasher. The sink and counter are loaded with dirty dishes you were too tired to wash last night.

When you can’t find a place to sit down because the folded clothes from the laundry stack in piles over every surface, and all you want to do is take a minute, sit down and think.

When the photos you had professionally taken on the beach for a Christmas card are still in your inbox and you know in your heart it’s not going to happen . . .  doing a Christmas card that is.

Ever feel like you’re in the middle of a cyclone, unable to find balance during the season? If so, you’re in good company. Follow me over to my friend, Rebekah Gilbert’s blog, A New Song to Sing and let’s chat about it in the comments. If you join the conversation there you’ll have a chance to win her music. Hop on over by clicking here and join us. I’ll announce a winner here on Friday.

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