Finding the middle place in the dim room between round tables draped in white, I push high heels into the carpet under a ceiling of twinkle lights and speak to women seated around china tea cups and glass plates of cookies. They’ve asked me to tell them about the Sabbath Society.

I share about my weekly email sent to a group of 200 Sabbath-keepers who observe rest as a routine, instead of something that suits convenience. How disciplines are easier in the embrace of community – dieting, Bible reading, exercise – when accomplished with accountability.

The weekly encouragement is proving life changing for many, transformational for relationships and physically healing in some instances.

My eyes shift to the pastor’s wife leaning over her empty cup balanced between both hands, mouth slightly open. A handful of volunteers sit nearby. Pausing, I know what their blank stares are saying. I’ve heard the question echo among ministry leaders in many cities.

How do you do it?

Rest is elusive. The desire is present but those in the trenches don’t know how to Sabbath when Sunday responsibilities ooze over the sides of a full agenda and drip into Monday.

After twenty-five years in full-time ministry while raising two kids who are now teenagers, I tell them that the goal is not perfection but steps toward stillness and internal quieting for intimate reunion. Because God cares more about who we are than what we do.

Join me for six ways to approach Sabbath for those who find rest a luxury or a weighty commandment shackled with hoops of guilt at Velvet Ashes, a website dedicated to encourage women serving overseas. Click over here and join the conversation in the comments. See you there!