It’s good when your husband sees joy in your countenance on the first week of the New Year and tells you he notices. Joy brims not from perfect circumstance but a heart at rest and peaceful. A daffodil blooming lemon yellow in the midst of leaf litter can give one hope if you’re expectant.

There is an inner peace that comes not from using a meaningless textbook, but from knowing the One who is meaning and makes everything useful.

As we step into the first Sabbath of the year, may the lines fall for you in pleasant places, highlighting the best in your week.

I’m sharing a few of my best things with you from the first week of the year. Share some of yours with me in the comments.

Happy Sabbath Friends!

The Best News on the First Day of the New Year

The Best Challenge I’ve Accepted

The Best Compliment I Received as A Writer

The Best Compliment I Received as a Blogger

The Best Word for my New Year

The Best Conversation on my Facebook page

The Best Book I Read

The Best Video I Watched

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