Morning gales blow a furious fit, daring me to turn around and walk back home. I decide it’s better to be brave than boring. And I won’t be bullied. I’ve memorized the view out my window a hundred times.

The surprise of sun overshadows my self-doubt. The kind of doubt born in a mother the day her child takes his first breath.

My son woke up with a sore throat and I let him stay home from school out of fear. We’re travelling next week. I wrote the end of the story before turning the first page. He was fine an hour after the first bell rang.

And I think that this is sometimes how we approach Sabbath. Afraid to take the time to rest for fear of what might happen about all those things we won’t get done.

I turn the knob on the door after my walk, and realize I’ve locked myself outside. Tap on the window and my son comes to the door, lets me back inside.

God redeems my self-doubt, the same way he redeems my time.

Harrison and I, we won’t remember it, the way he missed school for nothing. The same way we won’t remember what we did on the Sabbath this week a year from now.

Because my life and yours, it’s not defined by failure on Friday or success on Sunday. Let’s not trip over today and miss the meaning of a lifetime. Sometimes the view is much better from the other side. We just have to be brave enough to walk outside.

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Happy Sabbath Everyone!