I know what you might be thinking. Why is she posting a picture of a banana peel lying on the ground? Because this is what Sabbath does for me. It helps me see.

You might see trash laying there. I see a palette of color and texture lying in slanted light.

I took this photo a few Sunday’s ago, when my family and I walked the streets of Charleston for hours. We turned down a side street, a seam in the middle of a colorful quilt of homes, when I got lost in ethereal light casting shadows. And I became a lone woman wandering with a camera strapped around my neck far behind my family to capture unexpected beauty.

We’ve entered the first season of ordinary time in the church year, the days between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday. This is where most of life is lived, in the mundane of the everyday absent of shiny bells to turn our gaze upward.

I want to be like Simeon and Anna: attentive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit; waiting with patient, joyful expectation that I will indeed see God; and so present to the Holy wonder of God-with-us that I, too, recognize Jesus when he comes, however odd His appearance may be. ~ Kimberlee Conway Ireton, Circle of Seasons

May you find Him in the most unexpected places this weekend as you surrender to Sabbath.


I wrote about the practice of Sabbath this week and asked if you wanted to join me in a sisterhood, the Surrendering to Sabbath Society. I am overjoyed at how many of you responded, “I’m all in.” If you want to join, email me: shelly@redemptionsbeauty.com and I’ll send you the details.