“My deodorant is like the story of the woman with the flour and oil,” H says while standing in front of the mirror getting dressed. He holds the container up to eye level while I brush my teeth, “Look, it’s been empty for two weeks, but every time I twist it, more comes out.”

Moving quickly to the sink with hand cupped under my chin, I lean over and spit toothpaste out to avoid choking from laughter.

This is our new normal, finding God’s provision in the midst of newfound poverty. Living without income for several months while transitioning to a new job in London, the unanticipated lengthy wait has challenged our bank account.

But the gift in carefully counting our pennies is the revelation of tired thinking and the challenge of resourcefulness. I’ve taken much for granted, especially when it comes to feeding my family.

Join me for my inaugural post at Grace Table, a site dedicated to the passion of food, faith, and fresh perspective on hospitality. Pull up a chair at the table and let’s break bread together. I have a story I want to tell you.