Nearly three years ago, I took a risk. I decided to try something new and invite people to join me without knowing the outcome. Like being the last one chosen for a dodge ball team, I risked public humiliation. I hoped someone would find the vision compelling enough to say, “Yes, I’m all in.”

A few initial yeses translated as affirmation that I did hear God correctly after all.

When I instigated the Sabbath Society and asked people to join me in making rest a rhythm of life, I learned my expectations were small, God’s perspective is grand, and the outcomes of bravery hold unimaginable beauty.

Though it felt risky at the time, my yes to God on a prayer walk resulted in more than I imagined. That first yes led to a worldwide community of people who long to make rest realistic. I became the keeper of their stories, an intercessor and Sabbath mentor for many people with whom I’ve never met.

I began living what hundreds in the Sabbath Society are experiencing every week – intimacy with God through rest that changes everything.

One yes to God results in more than you can imagine. Countless lives have been changed by Sabbath and some of those stories are published in a book I wrote for youMy prayer is that the pages of this book will make rest realistic and doable no matter your stage of life or circumstance.

Now Rhythms of Rest is available for pre-order! Writing that sentence seems surreal and more than I imagined.

My name is written on the spine in the most perfect font but if that spine were expandable it would hold 1,000 names. I wrote this book because so many people risked saying yes and joined me in Sabbath-keeping.

Sabbath is a risk, a choice resulting in more than you can imagine.

Will you risk saying, “Yes, I’m all in.”

Rhythms of Rest is almost here and I have gifts to celebrate the imminent arrival!


Pre-Order Incentives

On October 4, Rhythms of Rest officially releases everywhere books are sold. And if you pre-order between now and September 20, you can take advantage of the following incentives.


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How do I receive the incentives?

Purchase books at your favorite retailor and send a copy of your proof of purchase to my virtual assistant Mary — Include Rhythms of Rest in the subject line. Currently, Rhythms of Rest is 40% off the retail price at Amazon, a great savings.

Why Pre-Orders?

Retailors watch pre-orders as a monitor for how many books they will purchase to stock shelves in the future. The larger the number of books purchased before the launch date, the more successful a book often sells. Pre-orders set the trajectory for a successful launch and mean a great deal to authors.

Find out more about Rhythms of Rest here and learn what authors and influencers are saying about the content.


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