My Lord, I have no clothes to come to thee;

My shoes are pierced and broken with the


I am torn and weathered, wounded with the


And soiled with tugging at my weary load:

The more I need thee! A very prodigal

I stagger into thy presence, Lord of me:

One look, my Christ, and at thy feet I fall!

~GEORGE MACDONALD (Scottish, 1824-1905)

Thanking God that He stands at the end of the road, arms outstretched and ready to catch us when we stumble flesh footed. May you feel the warmth of His embrace longer than it feels comfortable today. Surrender to the stillness.

Happy Saturday Friends!

And an epilogue to yesterday’s post: I experienced AMAZING grace. EVERTHING was saved on my hard drive. And it is under warranty, I’ll have a new one on Monday. For this I give him glory. Thank you for praying.