On the last Friday of every month, I share a random list of things I’ve learned and link up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky. Technically, I know that this Friday is actually November 1st, but let’s not be too picky okay? I’m still excited about conquering 31 days of writing, so don’t burst my bubble.


1)  I learned that when I’m fixated on something, like let’s say, writing every day on vulnerability, I have less mental space for learning other things. Honestly, I don’t remember learning much of anything last month, I was distracted.

2)  My son has developed a double stuff Oreo habit this month. I found myself going back to the grocery store for more packages and then I found out that Oreo’s are just as addictive as cocaine. I know, I thought it was a joke until I read this. This is scary people.

3)  Apparently it took ten years for a farmer to engineer a grape that tastes like cotton candy. There is something so inspiring and yet futile about that.  I tasted one at Fresh Market and they really do taste like cotton candy. Why do we need a grape that tastes like this?

4)  When you and your friend forget to make a hotel reservation for a conference and find out there are no rooms left, it just might be God’s providence that you share a room with two women you’ve never met.  I loved my roommates Brianna Wasson and Angie Ryg at Allume  and now we are all friends.


5)  One of the benefits about going to a conference in the town where your Dad lives, is he’ll take you out for a long lunch after it’s all over . . . and then you’ll find out that the interior designer of the hotel is remodeling his kitchen. Wow.

6)  And your new roommate will want her picture taken with your Dad when she finds out he is in the Hall of Fame for Skeet Shooting. (Okay, that’s enough about my Dad, honestly.)


7)  It’s the most surreal feeling to meet one of your favorite bloggers in person on the very same day she is guest posting on your blog. Surreal and awesome actually.

8)  I’m not very fast at texting, until my daughter grabbed the phone out of my hands in frustration and changed the settings on my phone to swype. I feel like I became cool in a few seconds. Do you know about that swype setting? I had no clue.

9)  I can’t fool my kids with Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix; as good as it is, because they love my recipe. They really don’t care that it saved me time when they’re eating it.

10)  Once you finish writing every day for a month you’ll find yourself longing to clean out closets and dig in the flower beds, and remember how much you loved domesticity.

11)  And that whole loving being domestic thing will last a few minutes when stories start scrolling through you mind while your bending over the hole you dug in the ground.

What did you learn about life, yourself, your cat, flavored grapes? Tell me about it.