It’s still dark outside. I’m the only one awake in the stillness. Huddled here, writing under the glow of twinkle lights before they return to the attic on Epiphany. The distant growl of the garbage truck sleuthing through the neighborhood breaks up the silence, picking up discarded fragments of yesterday’s joy.

I’ve been quiet on the blog  for a few days. I needed to bask in the Light, break away from the noise of social media and cling hard to Peace. Stare at the manger under the tree for a while; see my place there next to Jesus more clearly.

I’ll admit it; there is a dread that lurks alongside re-entry into ordinary time. Do you feel it?

The celebratory seasons, they cast their glorious glow of communion on the masses. All laying down our agendas, gathering around the community tree of gladness, focused on hope. But in the tearing off of days, we come closer to laundry, lists, and leftovers, their needfulness shadowing us languid.

How do we enter the New Year maintaining perspective and peace?

I’ve noticed it, the clarity that comes from silent clocks, flexible schedules,closed  computer screens, feasting without guilt, and reading. Lots of reading. How the lines around the eyes take their place without defiance when time is slow and hurry waits.

And I don’t make resolutions, but I listen to Peace. And this is what I hear:

Reading is necessary, not a luxury.

Good fiction inspires.

Most things in life come easier on the heels of rest. Choose bedtimes well.

A long walk outside clears cobwebs of the mind. Do it often, every day if you must.

The best way to share a story is to live first, then write about it.

Having a journal ready on your lap during quiet time is not only useful, it’s wise.

Because when God speaks, he wants me to remember it. Not just now, but later . . . when I can’t hear Him as well.

Taking a break from routine helps extract joy in the mundane when you return to it.

Carrying a camera strapped over your shoulder on a walk is always a good idea, even when your children roll their eyes about it.

It’s healthy to throw caution and calories to the wind during the seasons of celebration.

Who I am informs what I do, not the other way around.

When what I do becomes who I am, everything gets messy.


I threw away stale cookies, bought a new lamp after I dropped my mother-in-law off at the airport and made stir-fry for dinner with leftovers. Tomorrow I’ll get up early, plug in the teapot and sit in the Light while my tea bag seeps into a new year.

I am resolute about one thing: Listening to Peace so I can bloom into being.

Q4U: What about you, do you make resolutions? Did you learn anything new about yourself on vacation?