Reheated tea from the microwave sits steeping on the coaster next to my computer waiting. A collection of old school supplies waits in the hallway too. The pile I step over to get to my bedroom. There’s a list of things to do in every room. Each item mocks me when I step through the door.

Yet, my soul calls for the sea, and all I know to do is listen to the Voice.

I slip on sneakers; pull morning curls through elastic, grab the sacrament of seeing across my shoulder and drive five minutes down the road to the sound of His voice.

Rolling waves of morning crystals laid out and showing off. For those who’ve gathered to see.

There’s a heavy sigh alongside calling.  A mother’s heart trembles when her children suffer. A wife exhales subterranean over the weight her husband carries, that which eludes her capabilities. Bottomless breath covers circumstance and promise that repel like twin magnets.

It’s why the Sabbath is a commandment and not a suggestion. He cares about our time. (Exodus 20:8)

Because at the end of checked off shoulds, there remains an abyss full of wanting sighs. And in the refrain of doing, just for a day, trust resets her clock ticking thankful.

My foot leaves an imprint in wet sand beside bubbles popping in the afterglow of frothy sea. A bird rests watchman on the wall, affirming my place in the wide expanse, slow twisted and tall.

God is here. He resides in every frame.

His presence sways in crowds of sea grass, and in the lone fisherman casting patience. In the anticipation of floating surfers, waiting for His hand to push waves ashore.

I release the sigh of yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s fears in the response of my souls call for the sea. All I know to do is listen to the Voice. Breathe slowly and remember who I am in His reflection shimmering on the water.

When life gets heavy, how do you find peace? Do you find it difficult to take a Sabbath?

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