“What happens when we stop working and controlling nature?” Moishe Konigsberg responds. “When we don’t operate machines, or pick flowers, or pluck fish from the sea? . . . When we cease interfering in the world we are acknowledging that it is God’s world.” ~Lauren Winner, Mudhouse Sabbath

If you lived in my seaside town, you might occasionally see my mini van parked at odd angles on the side of the road. Spot me wandering around in tall weeds to capture the way the light is fingering through the broken window of an abandoned building or capturing early morning fog hovering like a mysterious traveler over the sea. Lost in the wonder of the way the same stretch of beach can be a chameleon canvas of creation.

I walked on sandy shores several days this week, read messages He carved for me in the sand and moaned in mourning over mounds of dead fish. And it all started on Sabbath, when I took the time to stop and listen and see.


And I’m wondering why it took me so long to get here, to observe a true Sabbath. Maybe that is why He says remember. “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.” Because He knows how easy it will be to forget.

Want to join the Surrendering to Sabbath Society? We’re a sisterhood of 42 strong, encouraging one another to rest. It all started here.


For further Sabbath reading and a podcast on the web, check out these finds:

Monopoly is the Bane and My Sabbath is a Flop by Michelle DeRusha (and I’m not just posting it because she mentions me in the story, it’s honest and funny)

Sabbath Rest {YMCA of the Rockies} by Kristin Schell

Start Small, Start with Sabbath by Sarah Bessey at She Loves Magazine

The Importance of a Stop Day by Ben Tinker, CNN

Praying for Your Family: a podcast interview between James Dobson and Jack Hayford about Sabbath and prayer. What Hayford says in the interview about his father challenges me.

Wherever your weekend plans take you, may you find your sweet spot, that place of fulfillment that comes from knowing His love for you is an endless horizon and a shoreless sea.