It’s far more exciting to be enthusiastic about the real book that deals with life in all its particularity than to allow ourselves to be dazzled by the cheap substitute that tickles the palate for the moment but leaves us with a hangover. And all we have to rely on to tell the difference is ourselves, not a computer.~Madeline L’Engle, A Circle of Quiet

May the voice of the Holy Spirit speak with crystal clear clarity, reveal deceptive voices that stand in as substitutes when emotions teeter in circumstance. Stand amidst the mess of life strewn on the floor knowing your feet rest in the imprints of grace, the exact spot he carved out knowing this day was coming. Trust in what you know to be true despite the howl of the wind blowing the shutters open.

Welcome to the Weekend Friends!

I’ve let go of words here for the past two days to celebrate finishing 31 Days of Letting Go. I’m excited to share what I’m dreaming up next, just for you. Hope you’ll come back on Monday to join me.