“Oh, you wrote a book, I didn’t know that,” a young mom interjects into a group conversation around a table of snacks after church. “What is it about?”

“It’s called Rhythms of Rest: Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a Busy World,” I tell her and watch surprise spread across her face.

“That sounds like a book I really need to read.”


It’s a common phrase I receive from people whether face-to-face or virtually.  Because let’s face it, most of us wear busy like it’s the only garment that fits. This week, a business owner wrote, “Your book sounds like a perfect topic and very needed by myself and most everyone I know.”

Those gracious responses are always affirming but Rhythms of Rest isn’t the book I expected to publish first. Honestly, I feared I might be branded as the “Sabbath Lady.”

For the first two years of leading the Sabbath Society, the message in Rhythms of Rest was right in front of me but I was too close to recognize it. It was Jennifer who nudged me to write a book about Sabbath and Dea who confirmed that nudge a few minutes later in a separate, unrelated conversation. They had no idea how their encouragement would become an opus of my life.

But publishing is about more than my name on the spine of a book.


The idea for the Sabbath Society and ultimately the book, came to me as an answer from God on a prayer walk, not from questions about tiredness but about how to be known and belong.

How can I feel a sense of belonging the same way I do on a holiday, more than just a few weeks a year?

How can I rest amidst unknowns of my circumstances; the uncertainty raging in the headlines?

What can I do to make rest a reality, not just miraculous moments?

What I learned from over 600 in the Sabbath Society is that many of you have similar questions like this too. Sabbath was a one-word answer from God for the unrest in my soul and Rhythms of Rest is a book I wrote for all of us as a result.

Rest is not a mathematical equation to be figured out and solved and yet, we often approach it that way. I am going to show you, through my experience and the perseverance of others, how rest is unique to the way God created you and therefore, doable no matter your circumstances.

Invite people to join you – that’s what I heard Him say next.


The book comes out on October 4. I would be honored if you would help me share about it with your people. Will you join the launch team for Rhythms of Rest?

Why a Launch Team?

Basically, it takes a village of mid-wives to birth a book. A launch team is a crowd of people who are excited about the message of a book and want to help spread the word to those in their spheres of influence. It is a place where community is built, prayers are offered, questions are asked and friendships are forged. Behind-the-scenes conversations, a first look at the book and lots of free gifts as a thank you from the bottom of my heart.

What Is Required if You say, “Yes!” to Becoming a Launch Team Member?

You must have a Facebook account. Read the book. Share about it on social media (we make this easy peasy with pre-made graphics – copy, paste, click!), and write a short review. It’s really that simple!

How to Apply for the #RhythmsOfRest Launch Team:

Sign up here. If you have a friend who wants to join in the fun send her the link too. We don’t have limits on the number of launch team members but there are a limited number of complimentary books. Don’t wait!

I can’t do this without you and frankly, I don’t want to. Thank you for helping me spread the message on God’s heart for a busy world.

Once you apply to be part of our launch team, a letter will follow with more details.

Click here and sign up now.

Everything is better in community so let’s experience God’s rest to the fullest!

Rhythms of Rest is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Barnes & Noble, and ChristianBook.com.

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