We load boxes into the moving van when the phone rings on the floor of the empty living room.  It’s a call from the Office of the Registrar letting H know definitively, “yes you are accepted into our master’s program here at our seminary.”  We look at each other and laugh.

Because the drive from Phoenix to Southeastern Tennessee travels long and we aren’t planning to do it for fun.

Maybe it was an assumption, the packing up before the official call but we knew we heard from God. Heard him say seminary through the voice of our pastor and then all the details, they just fell into place.

And the breeze of change whispered sweet in the ears, lay seeds in the womb for new birth, long before the pastor spoke those words. In the honeymoon suite, we stretch out over chocolate and champagne, talk about becoming jobless in the upside down economy, just before we took the wedding vows. 

The unfortunate timing, God’s providence to clear the path leading to new doors we hadn’t found yet.

On that morning, when the pastor said he thought H had a call on his life for vocational ministry (right after he graduated with an architectural degree) that seed exploded and bloomed simultaneous. Words that made us pause in the car afterward, wipe joy tears.

Isn’t this what happens when the spirit confirms what the mind can’t comprehend, what the mouth can’t string together in words, what the heart knows but can’t fit in to the hole the world creates? A volcanic convergence of the heavens meeting pavement, tears bubbling over in the revelation.

This meeting of the worlds, it is so much better than what I try to create on my own.

We sell a car to a friend, pack up wedding gifts, and follow destiny – with just enough money in pockets for first and last month’s rent, in a place we had never seen before.

And to some family members this irrational decision seems foolish. 

I know very well how foolish the message of the cross sounds to those who are on the road to destruction. But we who are being saved recognize this message as the very power of God. As the scriptures say, “I will destroy human wisdom and discard their most brilliant ideas.” ~I Corinthians 1:18-19

Today, as I read about Joseph during Lent, I think about the dreams God gave him that seemed lofty and irrational to his family. How God used him to become one of the most powerful men in Egypt, save the lives of countless.

Do you have dreams that seem irrational, don’t make sense to those around you? Like Joseph perhaps?  Meditate on these words of Paul and ask God to rekindle what was His, give you the faith to walk into it and discard the rest.

Counting gifts today, three a day for 1000 in 2012. What are some of things you are thanking Him for today?

  • For a walk in Brookgreen Gardens with my camera before the rain comes.
  • Budding trees and bulbs in February, beauty that inspires new life.
  • A day to shop for the birthday girl because sweet sixteen is a milestone.
  • Two asking how to hear from God this week, a sacred echo.
  • The way He speaks to a friend in a new season, the privilege of praying and watching with her.
  • How “foolish” dreams bring fulfillment.
  • Faith of a husband who continually encourages dreams beyond circumstance.
  • The sound of dripping rain in the early morning, because the ground is parched.

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