From the end seat on the front row, I watch a woman push long stemmed red roses into wet floral sponge next to the altar as a trio of girls play instruments and practice worship songs. While admiring the vast wall of stained glass windows, the Vicar crouches down beside me, leans in and asks, “You are an author but is there anything else I should say when I introduce you? Is it accurate to say you are the founder of the Sabbath Society?”

“Well, if you enter my name into the search bar on the Amazon website,” I tell him jokingly, “the bio my editor wrote will tell you I am a Sabbath-mentor. But just tell them that I am living in England because of a Macedonian call to London.”

His eyebrows arch in response and an easy smile slides into sudden speculation. “For both you and H?” I realize he assumed I’d followed my husband’s ministry call to England.

“Yes, we each experienced an equally strong heart tug toward the people of London for about fifteen years before we landed.”

Macedonian call – those two simple words, I’ve learned, say much without specificity. Being concise can demolish presuppositions in the same way, James, the brother of Jesus, calls himself the bond servant of God in his letter to the “twelve tribes in the Dispersion.”

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