It is an ominous thing, to see your daughter standing rain-drenched on the side of the road next to her mangled car. How in a moment of carelessness, the actions of one can inflict pain on many, detour the course of a life in a blink.    Standing in soggy grass, arms wrapped around my girl, she weeps tears in tandem with raindrops dripping from the blue and yellow canopy I hold above us. 

I whisper, I’m so sorry and I am so thankful you are okay more times than she needs to hear.  Because this kind of pain that comes from disappointment when we have done everything right, been responsible, it roots deep like a tree growing years.

Just two weeks ago, under a halo of drizzle, we transfer keys into to her capable hands. This new season, it’s like popping the cork off a bottle.  It unleashes what lies deep, bubbles to the surface joy.  

And like a bird flying from the nest into freedom, her wings suddenly clip in collision.

So she mourns the loss of what gives joy.  Grieves the bewilderment of injustice laying in the arms of  her Daddy. And even though this is just a car, something replaceable, I know He sheds tears with her, feels her pain.  Because what happened to Him on the cross, that was unjust

Are you disappointed, perplexed, puzzled, bewildered, misunderstood?  There isn’t anything we experience that lies outside of His understanding and redemption.

In the promise of redemption, we wait in hope for the end of this story. Because sometimes life becomes clear while looking in the rear view mirror . . . even if the mirror is a bit marred.

 . . .and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike (Matthew 5:45)

Dear friends, can you share a time when God redeemed what you grieved as loss?  Share it here and encourage.

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