My dress hangs loose but I can’t fit into my jeans yet. It’s only been a few months since giving birth to my first child when a friend stops me in the church lobby.  We both carry car seats with newborns like purses dangling on arms when she pleads with me to start something for new moms. A play group, bible study, anything – because she’s desperate.

She speaks teary of loneliness, isolation and tired that smothers joy.  We’re the same age, wear the same dark circles of new motherhood, but I’m the pastors wife and his wisdom shadows me capable.

I think about how just weeks before, I stood in the closet with hot tears staining cheeks, admitting to him how unprepared I felt to raise a life.

Today I’m at {in}courage, talking about the way God sometimes asks us to do something we don’t feel prepared to pull off.  Join me over there for the remainder of the story and a little honest discussion.