When I wrote to you earlier this week about the news we got that wasn’t what we hoped for regarding our timeline to London, your responses in phone calls and email messages let me know something I often forget. Love is often taken for granted.

Much of the answers to life’s questions rooted in “Am I loved?” are staring us right in the face. Tainted by misguided expectations from ourselves and others, we often miss the whispers of Jesus. His love letters are daily sprawled with, “Yes, you are loved wildly with abandon.” This journey to London is cultivating a lifestyle of noticing His handwriting in unexpected places.

My daughter’s leaving home to start a new season in college highlights the ways in which God has been trying to get my attention with the utmost of patience. I’m a slow processor but eighteen years might be a little ridiculous.

I’m finding gratitude in our new departure date to London which let’s admit, is a grace gift of large proportions.

On the top of that list of thanks is spending time with my daughter at home for the holiday season.  For most of her life, God has been revealing hints to her destiny as an artist but I was too busy making her happy to notice.

Join me at a new-to-me website, voiceBoks, where I’m sharing a new story I haven’t told you about yet. This online space is amazing with a huge audience, not sure how I missed it. This seems like an echo . . . .