I’ve heard people say that to love your work is to live a life of great satisfaction. I would add that work compelled by love is life’s richest, most rewarding gift.

I wrote my first book, Rhythms of Rest, for many reasons but looking back, over countless hours hunched over writing surfaces, I realize love compelled me to collect words on paper. I had no choice in the matter.

When you become smitten by the love of God, you cannot keep the joy to yourself. I had to share the message I’d been shown in such immaculate detail and sacred intimacy, that keeping silent about it seemed sinful.

How does one share a life transformed by redemption but to celebrate God’s unfathomable goodness. We join hands in a circle, breathe a collective sigh of grace, open our eyes and scream with joy for bound pages! And then I shower you with gifts for being mid-wives to birth – more than a girl imagines.

Rhythms of Rest is our book. It is my story and your stories offered through the Sabbath Society community. Of people with sinks full of dishes, beds to make, garages full of back burners and to-do lists needing checks. It’s for the big-hearted volunteers, frontline ministry workers, parents in a mess with littles; for those seeking purpose in the beginning, middle, and finishing phases of life. It is a book for those who are lonely and must know they belong.

We are tired and we all need a bit of rescuing.

God is turning our heads with Sabbath and we’re saying yes to His extravagant kindness.

Rhythms of Rest releases today! We’re celebrating with a load of gifts and giveaways you don’t want to miss.


I hope you will consider buying Rhythms of Rest — and few for your friends, neighbors, small group and co-workers! You can find links to retailers here.

As a thank you for being my people; those who subscribe, read, comment, share, and send me kind, generous letters to my inbox, these companion gifts created by the Bethany House team especially for Rhythms of Rest are yours for the taking. Click on the links below and claim your free gifts! I apologize for the lack of gift wrap.

Rhythms of Rest Printable Bookmarks

Rhythms of Rest Printable Journal

Rhythms of Rest Printable Memes (Vol. 1)

Rhythms of Rest Printable Memes (Vol. 2)

Giveaway Extravaganza: 30 Gifts

4 Books


Four of you will win a copy of Rhythms of Rest: Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a Busy World.


4 Winners are Anna Walker, Lynn Morrisey, Mary Brown and Sarah.

3 Christa Wells | How Emptiness Sings Album

christa-wellsThree of you will win Christa Wells music. Her transparent and engaging lyrics filled my ears on long prayerful walks during solitary writing retreats for Rhythms of Rest. One day in particular stands out when I was alone in the middle of a upturned potato field in the Cotswolds, completely undone with tears streaming down my face. If you aren’t familiar with Christa’s artistry, you really must be.


3 Winners are Brianna, Ashley U, Rebecca White

6 Hand-Lettered Printable Art from Grace Lettering


Six people will win this beautiful hand lettered quote from Rhythms of Rest created by Sarah Grace Featherston of Grace Lettering. Use the code: Sabbath 10 on your first order at Sarah’s Etsy Shop and get 10% off.


6 Winners of Sabbath Printable: Krista, Teri Lynne, Sandi Hughes, Laura Boggess, Teresa Neal, Sophia DeLonghi

6 Hand Lettered Art from Grace Lettering


Six people will win this hand lettered printable quote by Grace Lettering. It will look good in any color frame on any wall in your house — bedroom, living room, kitchen, entry way. Even made into place mats! Check out Sarah’s Etsy shop for more of her beautiful art. Like her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram @sarahgracefeatherston.


6 Winners of Pausing Printable: From the White House, Kelli Pratte, Katrina, Georgina, Constance Mattson, Abigail

2 Adult Inspirational Coloring Books


Two people will win a Jacqui Grace coloring book donated by Bethany House Publishers. I dedicate a chapter in Rhythms of Rest to what I refer to as “ruminating practices” — those things that we do that help our mind rest like a snow globe settling after it’s been shaken. Coloring isn’t just for kids, it’s now in vogue as one of those relaxing activities that help us slow down and make sense of what we are thinking.

2 Adult Coloring Books by Margaret Feinberg


Margaret Feinberg is a stellar writer of best selling books and now her faith-filled adult coloring books are garnering the same success. You will want to buy them all for your friends at Christmas. I quote Margaret throughout Rhythms of Rest, her wisdom has been a lifeline.


4 Winners of Coloring Books are Kimberly Hare, Diane Sheffield, Jennifer Dukes Lee, Jackie Shrock.


 5 Tickets to Nest Fest, October 22nd, Midland, NC


Five of you will win tickets to the Nest Fest. Will I see you there? I’m honored to be signing books at the invitation of Myquillyn Smith, a Sabbath Society peep and  also known as The Nester for her keen aesthetics and exquisite taste that make home decorating simple and fun. She lives by, “It doesn’t have to be beautiful to be perfect.” Who doesn’t love that?


Five winners are Faith Raider, Dena Dyer, Leigh Ann Lukens, Pam, Kathleen Martin.


1 Craving Rest: Life Coach Package


Are you craving rest for your heart, mind and soul? Journey with Life Coach, Carey Bailey (and Sabbath Society peep!) across the bridge from stuck to unstuck when it comes to satisfying your desires. In 2 life coaching sessions, talk through obstacles, participate in a Life Balance Survey, Values Inventory and uncover the patterns that keep you from pursuing a satisfied life.

Special discount for Rhythms of Rest readers: 15% off any coaching package using the code: RHYTHM


Winner is Darci B!

Grand Prize: Weekend Getaway


Two (2) nights in a two bedroom, two bath oceanfront penthouse at the Hampton Inn & Suites Oceanfront Resort. Value: $750.  This award winning resort has made the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame. (It also happens to be the hotel I write about in the last chapter of Rhythms of Rest!) The following holiday weekends are excluded:  Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.


Winner is Nicole T Walters!

How Do You Enter to Win Prizes?

This part is easy. Share this post on your social media platforms then come back and tell me in the comments: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Use #RhythmsOfRest with each post when possible. Each share equals an entry in the drawing so your chances are good! Winners will be chosen on Friday, October 7 and shown here in this post. Come back to see if you’ve won. There will be 30 winners!!

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks to all those who participated.