I’ve entered a new waiting period this week. Waiting to get over the flu so I can get on with life in London.

As I lie in bed staring at the cracks in the ceiling and pray for people, I realize how the past nine months of waiting to get here have given me an inner peace about God’s timing. In the same way you can’t rush physical healing, waiting seasons require letting go of controlling outcomes into the hands of Jesus.

When waiting is God’s answer to your prayers about the future, uncertainty can be a taxing vulnerability in a world that functions on concrete answers. Silence during seasons of transition can threaten to swallow purpose and calling if we allow it.

Our ability to successfully survive a lengthy waiting period depends on mental perspective more than anything. While circumstances are not a true indicator of worth, sometimes we need help in quieting swirling thoughts to find peace in the process.

“Prayer is always foundational to wisdom,” writes Eugene Peterson. After that, there are a few practical things that have helped me.

Join me at Christianity Today’s, Gifted for Leadership, where I’m sharing some of the tactics I use to survive uncertainty . I would love to hear what has helped you become an overcomer when you feel overtaken. Join me here.