What do you do on Sabbath? It’s a question that often piques from a place of curiosity when conversations slide into the subject.

My answer? To the best of your ability, embrace what restores your soul and walk away from whatever depletes you. Enjoy Sabbath in the way God created you.

How we rest looks unique for each of us. Rules about rest create stifling boundaries that keep us stuck in cycles of busyness.

For me, the act of creating beauty restores my soul, inspires new thinking, and cultivates intimacy with Christ. For you, creating may sound like a lot of work and that’s okay.

Lately, moments of rest involve using my camera to style photographs that tell stories. If you use Instagram, perhaps you’ve heard the term “flat lay” used in reference to styled photographs taken from overhead.

I’ve had the best time learning the fine art of holding my phone at the perfect angle above my writing desk to capture moments of life as a writer living in London. You really can frame a lot in a tiny square but I’ll let you in on a little secret: It takes more than a few attempts to perfect the light and design the way I envision. And thank God for editing tools on Instagram.

Because I’ve had quite a few followers on Instagram ask about creating flat lays, I wanted to share some of what I’m learning from those more experienced. Even if you aren’t into photography or Instagram these creatives teach us how to notice details and create shareable beauty with the world. Prepare to be inspired.

A rested heart is more attentive to the details.

Flat Lay Photo Styling Tips by Humphrey and Grace — Julia has taught me about the importance of style and color palette for creating a beautiful gallery on Instagram. She says it took four years to find her groove, a good reminder that practice makes all the difference! @humphreyandgrace

Mobile Phone Photography Editing Tips by Hannah Argyle — Beware of getting lost in a sea of beauty and inspiration on her blog. She’s one of my new favorite follows on IG @hannahargyle

Makelight by Emily Quinton — Emily lives in the UK and flat lays are a business for she and her husband. She hosts a free tutorial for newbies when you sign up for her email letters. And her newsletter is worth it — chocked full of ideas, resources and helpful hints to make your photography better. @emilyquinton

How to Style Overhead Still Life Photos (It’s so Fun!) by The Nester — I love everything Myquillin does when it comes to design. She’s the real deal and generous with sharing her experience. @thenester

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Enjoy Sabbath this week and tell me about it in the comments.

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