I told someone recently that I could’ve written ninety days on the theme of Letting Go instead of thirty-one. Because the greatest thing about writing on this theme is the recognition of how much I hold on to. How much I need to let go.

Yesterday, I joyfully let go of my writing time to cuddle a three month old baby.  And I didn’t freak out about time swirling down the drain before I discovered another pan on the counter.

I looked into her eyes over the bottle and saw the Kingdom in those fairy wing lashes. Found fulfillment in the simplicity of a sloppy smile, devoid of pretense or expectation. Marveled over the grip of tiny fingers around those of a stranger.

As I cradled that new bundle, swaying under the shade of summer’s low hanging fruit, she burns with life inside, sighs surrender in peaceful compliance. And she helps me to remember who I am, how God sees each of us. Unblemished embers of promise waiting to be stoked into flames of influence for the Kingdom.  Despite our circumstance.

All the questions of why and how and when, they fall off my twisted branches. And I understand why He says, “Come to me like a child.” Perhaps I’ll be writing about letting go for awhile.

If you’re reading along this month, how or what have you let go over the past twenty-five days? Let’s encourage one another in the comments.

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