We’re all word workers aren’t we? Some are whisperers of divine beauty, some speak it slow and draw it out, some sing poetry with tongues of angels, some pound words of anvils into shoulders. Meaning is found in your heart, not the dictionary. The definition of life is in the Book.

This weekend, may you speak words of courage to yourself that surprise you. Say them gently to a stranger, firm to the young, kind to the tender and always with love. Words you give away generously return back to you with favor, like birds carrying love letters South. Most of all, may you hear the heart of Jesus loving you through whispers while you rest on Sabbath.

Want to make rest a routine, not just something you fill in between the cracks of your busyness? Find out more here.


Favorite Blog Posts:

Finding Knives and Who I Used Them On by Shawn Smucker

It is Enough by Michelle DeRusha

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You’re Loved by Holley Gerth

Beware Flat Holiday You by Deidra Riggs


Favorite Poems:

The Calling in What Remains of Your Life by John Blase (I might need these words inside a frame on a wall in my house.)

The Encouragement to Go by Elizabeth Marshall


Favorite Word:

TrustI chose this word for 2014 and it’s proving to be right in more ways than I anticipated.


Favorite Quote:

“The major difference between hating and loving is perhaps that, whereas to love somebody is to be fulfilled and enriched by the experience, to hate somebody is to be diminished and drained by it. Lovers, by losing themselves in their loving, find themselves, become themselves. Haters simply lose themselves. Theirs is the ultimately consuming passion.” ~Frederick Buechner


Favorite Conversation:

I asked people to describe their week in one word, this is what they said. My word? Interruption.

Happy Sabbath Friends!