My fingers tap allegro on the chair in front of me, keeping time to the rhythm of my heart when I look at the back of her teenage head, her waif frame knuckled between siblings. I know this feeling; it isn’t the first time it’s hovered over me in church. God and I, we’re wrestling over what I should do about it.

Standing next to my family singing We’ve Come to Worship, abandoned to His presence, He begins to speak the revelation. Telling me things about this young girl that I only know by name and passing glances. She’s at a crossroads.  He wants to get her attention. Tell her He loves her. And I’m to be His messenger.

How is someone qualified to do this?

Have you heard about the Ephesians Project over at BibleDude.net? It’s a community writing project, a commentary on the book of Ephesians. I just wanted to let you know about it. I’m writing from Chapter 3:1-13 today, come on over and check it out . . . . .