Morning Reflections

What is this unfolding, this slow-

going unraveling of gift held

in hands open

to the wonder and enchantment of it all?

What is this growing, this rare

showing, like blossoming

of purple spotted forests

by roadsides grown weary with winter months?

Seasons affected, routinely disordered

by playful disturbances of divine glee

weaving through limbs with

sharpened shards of mirrored light,

cutting dark spaces, interlacing creation,

commanding life with whimsical delight.

 What is this breaking, this hopeful

re-making, shifting stones, addressing dry bones,

dizzying me with blessings,

intercepting my grieving

and raising the dead all around me?

~ Enuma Okoro 

We’re walking along the Bonnechere River in morning stillness, among awakening campers tucked under broad tents and Coleman lanterns. Waving goodbye to the transcendent beauty of this place until we return again next year.

Wherever your weekend takes you, make you see His reflection in the hello of a new day.