My son and I sit across from each other at the dinner table over candlelight and quiche. Pushing two fingers together, I flick dry crusty bread crumbs off my placemat from lunch while we wait for curls of steam to evaporate. Under socked feet, I feel vagrant leaves from the garden on the cold wood floor. Their mottled reds and faded yellows give hints that change is coming.

He talks about the recent debate between Trump and Clinton while holding the phone in the palm of his hand. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say he is having his own debate about the election and I am the attentive audience of one. He collects information, makes assessments, debates between knowledge and wisdom: all without peaceful resolution.

I have little to say except, “Lord have mercy. Help us to rest in you.”

I think about what Brené Brown says about how we live in a vulnerable world yet numb vulnerability in unhealthy ways. We long to make all the uncertainties in life certain before we can truly rest. And right now, we are uncertain about many things. Our country is in a continual state of unrest.


Today, Deidra Riggs is hosting my words. And Deidra is a wise woman who has been one of my writing mentors over the past five years. She leads conversations about hard, current topics in a generous, kind, and peaceful spirit. The author of Every Little Thing and One: Unity in a Divided World releasing in April 2017, I’m honored to be joining Deidra in Nebraska. Click here for the rest of the story where she is giving away 3 copies of Rhythms of Rest!!