Well, I’ve lost track of what day it is. Isn’t that part of Christmas vacation, forgetting to name the day and calling each one a gift?

Normally, I do this little post about what I’ve learned on the last Friday of the month. But for December, its Sunday. November’s list is floating somewhere in oblivion due to a computer gremlin. Which is part of the scenario in #1.

Let’s be honest, few have time to keep another list in the busiest month of the year. So, I went back to my Facebook status updates to remember (which, if we’re honest, are sometimes like a diary of our thoughts) and this is what I learned:


1)      On December 2nd I had a no good, very bad day and wanted to give up . . . . everything. In frustration, that’s what I blurted out on Facebook. And I learned that I am loved more than I imagined. In a matter of minutes I received messages in every possible way communication flies through that mysterious invisible blackness to reach me. I am humbled beyond words for the generosity and kindness of many.

2)      Redemption is beautiful. (That sounds familiar, like the name of blog somewhere. *wink*)

3)      On December 10th, I learned that Facebook has changed the organic reach for fan pages which is bad news for bloggers and authors who depend on it to grow their audience for publishing. You can read more about it here.

4)      While sharing about #3 with a group of friends, I learned that many people don’t realize how important it is to a writer that you subscribe to their blog through email and share their stories on social networking. The size of an audience matters to publishers looking at manuscripts. And we love you for noticing our work.

5)      And then I saw this and empathized with Solomon. (Ecc. 1:14)


6)      When you are down in the dumps, God will go to great lengths to show you he hasn’t forgotten you. With an invitation to travel four hours away to a reunion with saints you once pastored, who still love you like your parents. They’ll remind you of God’s faithfulness, the fruit of your calling, and give you hope for the journey back.

7)      It’s good to remind people how you much you love them, how a small act of kindness made a difference, how the words they wrote mattered when you were depressed.  When you share your heart honestly without judgment, it will give someone hope to keep walking when they want to stop.

8)      No matter how busy people seem during the month of Christmas, they will make space in their heart to help someone out. That’s what I learned when my daughter and I hosted a Sole Hope shoe cutting party with her friends and their mothers on the 20th. We’re still cutting fabric people.


9)      When your back goes out four days before Christmas, it will become a gift you didn’t expect. You’ll notice how beautiful the faces are on your children. And you won’t have to do the dishes or cook.

10)   No matter how many years you make the same holiday recipes, you’ll second guess yourself.

11)   And you’ll realize your husband was paying attention when you weren’t noticing. He pulls out Evernote and shows you which recipes you used last year. Because he took photos and he knows you better than you know yourself.

12) You’ll always think making trifle in the punch bowl sounds excessive until its all gone three days later.

13) It is possible to obtain a new location for your church ten days before Christmas and it look like the most beautiful decorated brick and windows you’ve seen in candlelight.


14)   Deleting 6,117 emails can actually be a journey of looking back and seeing God’s providence. Of the first acts of kindness that led to deep friendships, of prayers beautifully answered, of each petal opening on the bloom of your calling when wilting threatened in the waiting.

15)   I’m expectant, excited, exuberant (and a little apprehensive) about the future. Trust is the word He is giving me. God’s timing is never early and never late and I’m learning to appreciate that daily.

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