It is the dark of night when the train huffs in on the tracks in the coal mining town in Colorado we call our temporary home. Pulls in to light up the interior of the car we sit in. They embark from the train, this young newlywed couple who’ve made the arduous journey from England to participate in an internship.

It was just the beginning of being connected.

Weekends seated on the canary yellow built-in benches of our rental, playing cards over the kitchen table amidst belly laughter, poking sarcasm, cheeky grins in the evenings. Pushing paper, making international calls, strategizing ministry events for Youth with a Mission during daylight hours.

All this time with so much hope ahead.  Life with questions only God can answer.  Circling conversations of inner struggles, family disappointments, hope for the future, how we would find money to feed ourselves, pay our rent.

We wave goodbye, move to Phoenix a short time later, put down roots in ministry, start a family. And at the same time in that tiny coal-mining town they expect a child too, move back to England.

Fifteen years later, standing in the hotel lobby of the Rembrandt, we embrace and it is if time stands still. With coats buttoned tight, cheeks lit up pink from what the wind kisses, umbrellas in tow, we walk the streets of London and pick up where we left off.

And the laughter is easy, honesty sure.  Because being connected in community isn’t the same thing as being social.  Community connects the heart in deep places that never forget.

Are you connected?   

Today, joining with Gypsy Mama for five minute friday. Writing from the heart for five minutes with the one word prompt Connected.