My family gets way ahead of me in the line for security. It took me longer to get my belt off, jewelry put in a safe place. As I stand like cow among the herd waiting to be checked, the man in front of me pulls back the shade over the huge window next to us, asks me if I want to look outside.  I take one last look over at the palm trees in the distance that wave their branches beyond the runway. Say goodbye to the desert in my heart while my shoulders throb from the mess I  carry back home.

My camera bag on one shoulder, computer on the other, and a purse full of the rest hanging across my chest. And for some reason I ask God why I got separated from my family standing here because it seems odd.

And just as I ask the question, a blond headed boy not more than three years old wearing an Arizona ball cap begins to sing.  While his mother beckons his younger brother to get back in line next to her in a thick Midwestern accent, he sings these words just behind me in line:

The angels say a baby is born,

 It is Christ the Lord,

 Jesus is here,

Have no fear.

Amidst the giants in trench coats, holding their worldly goods while looking down at their seat assignments on that thin piece of printed paper, this little boy declares the glory of God.  That Christ was born and He is here with us now.

It echoes over and over in his tiny voice as he swings from side to side.  While his parents put their shoes, diaper bags, kid backpacks in the grey bins on the conveyor belt, He continues to sing the song like a skipping record. Reminds us of the presence of Jesus among the luggage and the schedules; that He is here with us, that we should not fear.

I smile over at Him, standing in the midst of that beauty and I think that this is what Jesus meant when he said we should come to him like a child. Fully open, no excess baggage or years of experience to close the heart up. Just wide open faith to declare the glory of His coming.  His coming to us so we can live abandoned lives without fear.

When I meet up with my family seated in the black vinyl seats at the gate, I ask them if they heard that precious boy singing. They all shake their heads no.

Then the answer comes.  The one to my earlier question about why I got separated. God used that little boy to deliver a message to my soul. Separated me from my family so I could be open to hear it.

A reminder of His presence with me right there in the security check line at the airport.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” ~Matthew 19:14

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