We started this journey on a limestone ledge overlooking the Frio, bags packed for an October of Letting Go. Thirty-one days later, I stand among overstuffed couches and chairs looking at a framed photo collage on the wall of generations. A WWII pilot standing scarved next to a Corsair, smiling about the mark he left on the world.

Next to me, one Archbishop from Africa and two from Asia look at the black and whites. I think about how generations will look at pictures of them on walls someday and tell the tale of unfailing faith that changes the spiritual landscape of nations.

Mingling with friends around the room, I find myself talking about you, the way you’re leaving your mark on the world too. About how you embrace letting go with courage and abandon. The way a blog can be an altar of sweet communion, lives transformed in swallowing the message.

And while I try to recount the ways in which God reveals himself to you from the cafeteria of comments, I think I’ll step aside, because you say it best:

I have to tell you that more than once in this series God has met me at my point of need with your topic for the day. I was wrestling with the fact that my decision to leave an abusive husband was being misunderstood by someone “important”… until I read your wise words about letting go of the need to be understood. ~Mama Sheep

Oh my this resonates with where I am right now. I wonder what it would be like if we were measured by our fruitfulness instead of productivity? Or not measured at all! Thank you for your encouragement in this Letting Go series. ~Kristin

This website is a recent discovery for me . . . it has inspired me in such a way that makes me realize we all have the same struggles, and remember that I am not alone. Sometimes that in itself is a great feat! ~Sherri

I have so enjoyed your 31 days of ‘Letting Go’! I’ve taken notes every day. I’ve learned about the many ways I hold on, trying in my own strength . . .  ~Jillie

Once again, I find God offering me a spark of hope through the journey of another.  ~Claygirlsings

(This) makes me look differently at my own life and the letting go of one phase of life while I am walking into the next. ~Evie

Though our circumstances vary, we’ve discovered that we aren’t alone in what we suffer. Because pain is common and redemption looks beautiful on everyone. Letting go, it isn’t a magic pill for happiness, it’s a process that brings us to closer to seeing our true reflection in the eyes of our Father. The revelation of the way He’s been there all along.

Can I tell you something? I didn’t have a plan beyond this theme God gave me one day in the shower. I let go of needing to have it figured out every day. And He is faithful.

I hope you’ll join me on the next leg of the adventure. We’re throwing confetti over here and blowing up balloons to celebrate.

And because Jesus Calling by Sarah Young was the muse on many days of my 31 day journey, I’m giving one away with a journal to one lucky person.  Just leave a comment to add your name to the drawing.

Nikki@Simply Striving won the Jesus Calling giveaway. Congrats Nikki!

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This completes the series 31 Days of Letting Go. You can read the collective here. I’m so glad you’ve joined the journey, it’s been a great ride.