Sometimes you look back at the six days of the week you woke up to and realize you should’ve worn clothes for battle instead of your yoga pants.

Your days are a lesson in responding peacefully to interruptions. Praying for the company who experiences an attack on the server that hosts your website and email address, resting when the internet you depend on goes silent, not freaking out when an overstuffed email address spits back at you, navigating your tearful teenagers unexpected mid-day visit, closing the door on the washer that sounds like a helicopter winding up to fly through your house.

Each and every fragment of disturbance leads you closer to quiet rest, that day of surrendering it all into the hands of Jesus. And the altar you opened on Facebook inviting the battle weary to stand beside your hardship becomes a story of redemptions beauty.

The reason why you get up and start over again on Monday. It’s your calling and you know it’s worth it.

May you find your sweet spot amidst the pain and hardship of life’s circumstance during Sabbath, surrender to the hidden message causing your brokenness and allow God to create your outcomes; give you fresh perspective while you wait and listen.

Happy Sabbath Friends!

Want to make Sabbath a weekly rhythm and not just something you fit in to the cracks between busyness? Join the Sabbath Society, it all started here.

*The server for my website was maliciously attacked twice this week, both coinciding with the days I published blog posts. If you missed last weeks links for inspired reading on rest and quiet, go over and take a look, I think you will enjoy what you find there. 

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