“I think we need to cancel our summer vacation,” I said to H, surprised by what I heard myself saying.

Saturday arrived without fanfare and we missed the morning hours by sleeping through them. Sipping coffee and reading from a warm spot in bed, he looks up at me, makes eye contact and replies with words that bring relief.

“I agree.”

We’d been planning to tick boxes off on a bucket list of places in Europe. But the more we planned the details – travel, site seeing, and accommodations — the more the trip began making us feel tired. As we talked through corporate uneasiness about our imminent dream vacation, we realized the time away we’d been planning wasn’t what we really needed. We needed rest over more activity.

And Sabbath isn’t the same thing as a vacation.

Summer vacations are often associated with a spirit of ease and togetherness but the season can also provide a challenge when it comes to making rest realistic. Today, I’m over at Grace Table sharing some practical ways to make your summer vacation more restful and less wearisome. Because we all need a little time to remember who we are and why we are here. Join me?