Before I left the US for England, I had the audacious goal of writing to you about daily adventures and sharing collections of photographs with each blog post. It turns out there is a lot of life to live here. Opportunities for sitting quietly with my thoughts and then writing about what I’ve processed are slimmer than expected.

Sometimes stepping away from the familiar to start over is the kind of trust that can change your life.

With a new normal comes a range of emotions. A see-saw between exhilaration found in new experiences and the fear that I’ll forget something important. Or that you’ll forget about me when it is silent here.

In the midst of distracted delirium, writing helps me to remember. Putting words to my thoughts is like holding a magnifying glass to God’s presence.

Writing is the discipline of noticing where He leaves crumbs toward the beauty He is highlighting. Words assign meaning to my days instead of walking around oblivious.

When I forget how I got where I am standing today, amidst the laundry, piles of paperwork and boxes to unpack, I can easily wander off course and miss the vibrancy of His intentions.


It’s why He says, “Remember the Sabbath.”

He gives the Sabbath, not because we need more spiritual hoops to jump through but because He knows how much we need it. And how easy it will be for us to forget rest is a gift of His love extended.

Wherever your weekend takes you, may you know that you belong, that your wayward feelings in the moment are not an indicator of your value or judgment about the future.

Part of finding a new normal requires acceptance for what is and what will be. Remembering how you got here is your compass. Rest and know that what matters the most will come clearly into focus.


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