This week has been a bit of a blur, the place between holding on to the frayed edges of what God did in community last week and remaining present to the needful of today, mindful of tomorrow’s kiss.

Winds of change blow through my screen porch. I watch her build it one tiny, crooked twig at a time. Clumps of moments swirled in a nest for holding dreams and future promise.

And now she waits. A faint heartbeat is her most intimate companion.


Perhaps the birth of dreams requires stillness and rest, the sacred space between scurrying in preparation and expectancy. Capturing the fragile moment when the hard shell of fear and self-doubt cracks off to let the Light in, so we can fly free.

Sometimes birds choose their home where they can teach us the true meaning of Sabbath rest, beyond function and activity. I’m paying attention. Are you?


Some inspired reading this week:

Lyricism, Church Infighting and the Creed by Seth Haines

Speak Life by Dan King at BibleDude.net

The Crowd and Community by Alia Joy

With Eyes Wide Open by Kelli Woodford

Happy Sabbath Friends!