I’m joining Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky on the last Friday of each month. Today I’m sharing what I’ve learned in August. It’s officially become one of my favorite pieces to write. I’m so glad she started this. Now I realize how much I truly learn in a short time because I keep track of it. Oh, maybe that should be #1!

Some of these are random but nevertheless, let’s have some fun with it shall we? Here goes:

1) I bent my head back while standing on the shores of a dark, still lake at our cottage in Canada, counting shooting stars and roving satellites. Then my son pulled out his phone and showed me this. I had no idea how light pollution inhibits the beauty of what God creates in the night sky.

2) According to recent research by Indiana University, writing by hand activates areas of the brain that don’t get tapped during typing. Which brings me to . . .

3) Morning papers, writing your thoughts in a journal with a pen is like a magic trick for the stuff you publish. Really, you should try it sometime.


4) It seems I was ahead of the fashion police this summer when I read in Real Simple Magazine that green is the transition nail color from summer to fall. What evs.

5) Another helpful hint from Real Simple: All those pool noodles taking up awkward space in your garage? Cut them in half and tuck them into your winter boots. They keep your boots in shape, standing upright instead of slumping over. Um hm.

6) If you mention wanting a new bike during your birthday month while on vacation, you just might get it after you return home, and then some. Surprise! Isn’t it cute?


7) I learned that what I suspected is actually true about the current state of humanity. Loneliness is now an epidemic. Watch this, it explains everything. Prepare to sit quietly stunned afterward.

8) Are you a lefty? Well, you missed it. International Left Handers Day was August 12th. Put that on your calendar for next year and celebrate by giving out left handed scissors as a party gift. Righties will love that. Not.

9) I was enamored by watching children collect frogs underneath the boughs of upside down boats and rotting wood at our cottage. Until I learned some wild frogs are lethally toxic, the most deadly animals on the planet. And we thought their hoppy smallness was so cute.

10) Since #5 from my July list, I have learned that instead of paying $350 to fix a cracked, but still working screen on a brand new Galaxy S4, your husband can replace the glass for $15, while watching a YouTube tutorial under the full blowing force of two hairdryers and your prayers from the other room. *squee* I’m thinking this could move into a side business that pays for my daughter’s college tuition people.

11) And then you’ll post what your screen looked like on Instagram before it was fixed and people will call it artwork and beautiful. Which leads me to #12.


12) So much of life’s happiness is persuaded by our perspective isn’t it? We have a choice about how we see things.

From my family to yours, have a great Labor Day holiday friends!


I’m using my daughter’s artwork as a screen saver on my phone. Isn’t it fabulous? She just got accepted to SCAD today! We’re accepting donations in case  you were wondering. *wink*

What did you learn this month? I would love to know if any of these are an “ah ha” or a “yeah, I already knew that” for you.