There is nothing more fulfilling to me than listening alongside, discovering where God is at work, and asking questions that lead to breakthrough in your life.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relational experience in which one person facilitates another to discover their God-given potential. Through the practice of listening to where God is already at work in an individual’s life, a coach creates an environment for conversation that leads one to make their unique Kingdom contribution. Breakthrough happens as the result of mentoring and coaching an individual’s personal development.

The purpose of coaching is discovery rather than teaching or telling because whatever we discover, we own. And ownership is the first step toward clarity needed for transformation. The more we discover, the greater the potential for making choices that lead to change.


Why Coaching?

You cannot get to clarity alone.

For more than ten years, Terry Walling of Leader Breakthru has invested in my personal development through coaching. Our coaching conversations over the years have led to deep transformation, clarity through discovery, discernment about choices, and ultimately enabled me to move forward in leadership and ministry. Coaching was key in making our life transition to London for both H and I.

Because coaching has added great value to the trajectory of my life, I love helping others discover who they are, what they are created to do, and how they can bring their best self into the world.


Why you Might be a Candidate for Coaching

You are suffering from chronic unrest. You know you need to rest but have no idea how to make rest happen in your life practically.

You are at a crossroad; unclear about which path to take into the future.

You are uncomfortable, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled in the things that used to bring you life.

You’re unclear about your unique contribution in the world.

Your spiritual life feels dull, boring, and complacent.


What Clients are Saying

Shelly’s God-given passion for walking alongside others enables her to hold the space for me to dream afresh in my current season. I’m finding the movement I’ve hoped for while getting the bonus of experiencing her warm care of my journey dotted with piercing perception for my heart — it’s like having a cup of tea with a wise friend each session!

Jennifer Whiteford, Managing Partner in Leadership Development Firm


Shelly Miller is an empathetic guide whose great questions helped me find points of clarity which led me past stuck places toward my goals. I highly recommend Shelly as someone who listens well and processes quickly making coaching sessions practical and action-oriented. 

Deanne Moore, Ministry Leader


Shelly helped me achieve clarity, vision, and hope as I re-evaluated my next steps. She asked the questions I was unable to formulate on my own, and her wisdom and Spirit-led presence led me to a place of renewal and restoration while also providing concrete practices for moving forward.

Kimberly Coyle, Writer and Educator


After my first coaching conversation with Shelly, I have felt lighter- like a load has been lifted. My inner being feels more together.

Kim Foster, Educator



Coaching Packages

Coaching Conversation         $150 per hour

Coaching to Clarity                $500  4/one hour sessions

Coaching Experience             $1000  2 Days with Shelly + 2-Coaching Conversations

Visit with me on-site in London for 2-days! (travel and accommodation not included.) Let’s explore new places and engage in focused conversation for discovery that leads to clarity.

Coaching is conducted on Zoom (or similar platforms).


Interested in learning more about coaching with Shelly? Begin a conversation by answering a few questions.


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