School delays due to cold weather, an unexpected college scholarship for my daughter in the mailbox; writing opportunities, exemptions, and revisiting old hobbies that include embroidery thread and a hoop – we’ve enjoyed an overabundance of new things at our house this week.

As we wander down a crooked path back to the schedule, may you prop up your feet on the end of your worn out coffee table, lean your head back on the lopsided couch cushion and create an imaginary masterpiece from the lines of your chipped ceiling paint. Find artistry in what is commonplace. The cracks and rough patches are opportunities for finding beauty when it isn’t handed to you in a vase.

He makes all things new. Remember the Sabbath.

Want to make rest a routine, not just something you fill in between the cracks of your busyness? Find out more here.


New Online Communities {with Writing Link-Ups}:

Coffee for Your Heart {on Wednesday}

Outside the City Gate

Inspire Me Monday

Thought Provoking Thursday

Community Posts on Transitions at the High Calling

For those of you who picked the word #trust as your One Word 365, Amy Young is hosting a Trusting Tuesday link-up on the third Tuesday of every month. The first one is January 21. I’m so thankful for accountability, aren’t you?


New Books by Friends Available for Pre-Order:

Love Idol : Letting Go of Approval and Seeing Yourself through God’s Eyes by Jennifer Dukes Lee

Spiritual Misfit: A Memoir of Uneasy Faith by Michelle DeRusha


New For the Sabbath Society

Surrendering to Sabbath community board on Pinterest – for resources, blog posts, recipes and photos, all about Sabbath-keeping. Hopefully it will be jammed full by the end of the year.

#SabbathSociety hashtag on Instagram and Twitter – follow the menagerie of pictures and tweets from the community, a patchwork of restfulness to warm your heart.


New Conversation that Needs Your Input

For research fueling an upcoming speaking engagement about utilizing social networking. I would love your two cents here.

Happy Sabbath Friends!