As you cull all the bits and pieces of creative beauty that shape my life, may I not look down in doubt or away in rebellion, but help me to bravely look up. Notice each petal from the daily bouquet you pick; your loving choices for my sanctification.

May we always see you illuminated in lamps held by the hands of the broken. Give us courage to follow the beacon leading through places of blindness and hidden darkness. Your eyes fixated on our salvation; flames of the Holy Spirit from your irises reflected back.

In simple humility among the communion of saints, may we become besotted by the way the light slants at dusk instead of comparing ourselves with neighbors. Our legacy: purveyors of uncommon beauty.

Give us an awareness of how you watch at a distance and smile through a masterpiece of sunset when we turn around and look back.

Remind us that you are not an indifferent bystander but unceasing Fire, smoldering in endless love for us.

May 2015 be a year of abounding joy fueled by your glory. Amen.


Inspired reading on Joy (my word for 2015) and Rest (my passion):

Lucky by John Blase at The Beautiful Due

Resting: Relief or freedom, especially from anything that wearies, troubles or disturbs by Misha Thompson at The Offense of Joy

How to Begin Again by Tim Willard

Three Ways to Fight With Joy as You Lead by Margaret Feinberg for Gifted for Leadership

The One Prayer You Don’t Pray but Should by Margaret Feinberg for Laura Boggess (with a giveaway of Fight Back with Joy)

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