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rbsabbathweek25From time to time, the community here engages in conversation surrounding a book. We call it Redemptions Beauty Book Club and we meet in the comments, and on a community Facebook page that is private. Many point back to these conversations as being pivotal in their spiritual transformation, recalling how simple comments and status updates can result in life change. Subscribe to the blog to learn more about upcoming book clubs.

November and December 2012 – Leaving Church: A Conversation About Faith and How We Live It

Based on the book Leaving Church by Barbara Brown Taylor

An Unexpected Gift and An Invitation for . . . You

Leaving Church

Leaving Church: Guest Post by Tara Pohlkotte

Leaving Church: Guest Post by Danelle Landry Townsend

Leaving Church: Guest Post by Deidra Riggs

Leaving Church: Guest Post by Kelli Woodford

Crazy to the World by Darrell Vesterfelt

What Is Saving Your Life?

May 2013 — Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg, Co-Led with Duane Scott of Scribing the Journey

Two Words and I’m Wonderstruck

When You’re Wonderstruck by the Answer to “Why?”

How Sabbath Sings in Sisterhood

Breathe and Jump

Hanging By A Thread

How Being Brave Changes Your Life

The Pause Awakens Us to God: A Guest Post by Margaret Feinberg on Wonderstruck

October 2013 — The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown in conjunction with 31 Days of Letting Go in the Deep End

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