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Lent, Sabbath

How to Cultivate a Quiet Mind Amid Uncertainty

As we transition into week five of Lent, most of us are wandering around in a malaise, retracing the entrails of our homes as if waking from a bad dream. The coronavirus pandemic in the forefront of thoughts, we are whispering a collective, “Oh, right. It’s still Lent, isn’t it? I forgot about...

Lent, Sabbath

What We Need to Hear Right Now

I don't know about you, but the last few days have been like waking up from a disorienting dream as we navigate the harsh realities of a pandemic. Lent has shifted from a choice to a way of life inflicted upon us. And I'm paying attention because this penitential season is preparation for...

Lent, Sabbath

You Need to Sit Down for This

Over the past two weeks, we’ve practiced the penitential discipline of resting different parts of the body for the purpose of creating intimacy with God on  A Sabbath Journey for Lent. Your responses (following) have been rich and vulnerable. I can’t tell you how honored I am to be the...

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