31 Days

Every October, I join over 1,000 bloggers, writing every day on a specific theme. You can read the collections here, beginning with the most current:

October 2015


Day 1 — 31 Letters from London: A New Series 

Day 2 — That’s Rubbish!

Day 3 — Laboring with Your Mind

Day 4 — Sabbath

Day 5 — On Transitions in Parenting

Day 6 — On Legalism and Why I Haven’t Written About it

Day 7 — When You Forget Who You Are

Day 8 — It’s All About the Bread

Day 9 — Navigating Urban Life

Day 10 — What Rhythm Does

Day 11 — Sabbath

Day 12 — Practicing the Pause

Day 13 — The Most Brave Thing People May Witness in You Today

Day 14 — Timing is Everything: Why Waiting for the {Right} Go Matters

Day 15 — When We Shine

Day 16 — Re-evaluating Interruptions

Day 17 — When You Are Empty

Day 18 — Sabbath

Day 19 — When You Realize Life is Precious

Day 20 — Let’s Talk About That Taboo Subject {Money}

October 2014


Day One: An Imperfect Journey to London

Day Two: I Don’t Know and I’m Okay with That {Today}

Day Three: The Preparation in Poverty

Day Four: A Little Secret About Hope

Day Five: Choose Beauty

Day Six: Our New Home

Day Seven: On Avoiding the Church

Day Eight: Perspective is a Curious {and Sometimes Humorous} Thing

Day Nine: Help, I’m in Transition!

Day Ten: A London Playdate {and Giveaway}

Day Eleven: Ache of a Mother’s Heart

Day Twelve: Dancing Season

Day Thriteen: What it Means to be Sober Minded

Day Fourteen: If You Can’t be in London, Watch British Television

Day Fifteen: When You Need Rescuing

Day Sixteen: Listen and Mind the Gap

Day Seventeen: Tea Anyone?

Day Eighteen: A Saturday Saunter into New Culture

Day Nineteen: Small Doses of Quiet

Day Twenty: When God Offends You With Waiting

Day Twenty-One: When the News Isn’t What You Hope

Day Twenty-Two: How Our Journey to London Began

Day Twenty-Three: Missing the Obvious

Day Twenty-Four: Momentum is Building

Day Twenty-Five: Waiting is For the Birds

Day Twenty-Six: Making Time for Conversation

Day Twenty-Seven: What If Jesus Isn’t Enough

Day Twenty-Eight: On Hospitality and Seasons of Loss

Day Twenty-Nine: Help Me Remember

Day Thirty: On Introductions, Friendship and British Writers

Day Thirty-One: Ten Things I Learned From YOU This Month

October 2013

Below is a reading schedule for The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. Redemptions Beauty Book Club is a companion to the series but not a requirement. Organic conversations will happen in the comments regardless if you read along or not. If you want further insight and discussion, just click the book club link to access a private Facebook Page. We meet on Thursdays with new questions but the flow is ongoing. We’d love to have you.

October 3: #1 Letting Go of What People Think & #2 Perfectionism

October 10: #3 Letting Go of Numbing and Powerlessness & #4 Letting Go of Scarcity

October17: #5 Letting Go of the Need for Certainty & #6 Letting Go of Comparison

October 24: #7 Letting Go of Exhaustion as a Status Symbol & Productivity as Self-Worth & #8 Letting Go of Anxiety as a Lifestyle

October 31: #9 Letting Go of Self Doubt & #10 Letting Go of Being in Control


Day 1: Letting Go in the Deep End – A 31-Days Series  – this post explains where we’re going and what you can expect.

Day 2:  Keeping it Real: When Authenticity Feels Wrong

Day 3: Letting Go of How Others Perceive {and Receive} You by Holley Gerth

Day 4: When You’re Stuck in Perfectionism

Day 5: Letting Go in Their Words: When Interruption is a Gift by Michelle DeRusha

Day 6: Letting Go of Following the Crowd – Week 39

Day 7: When Hope Comes With an Ultimatum

Day 8: When Hope Comes With as Ultimatum {Part 2}

Day 9: When You Want to Make Good Decision but Fear Chooses Wrong

Day 10: How to Let Go of Your Need to be Okay by Emily Wierenga

Day 11: The Trouble with Extraordinary

Day 12: Letting Go in Their Words

Day 13: Letting Go to Draw Near

Day 14: Letting Go of Fear of the Unknown and Anxiety

Day 15: How Blogging Cures My Addiction to Certainty

Day 16: Birds on a Wire: The Gifts of Comparison

Day 17: For When We Can’t Quit Comparing by Duane Scott

Day 18: When You Hit a Wall and the Door is Vulnerability

Day 19: Letting Go in Their Words

Day 20: Let Go of Being in Charge of Your Life

Day 21: Letting Go of Productivity As Self-Worth

Day 22: Non-Negotiables of Wholehearted Living

Day 23: When You Fear You’ve Been Found Out

Day 24: When the Pressure is Building by Amber Haines

Day 25: What You Hope People Will Take From You

Day 26: Letting Go in Their Words

Day 27: When You Feel Small

Day 28: Letting Go of “Supposed To”

Day 29: When You Think It’s About Blogging, And Then It’s Not

Day 30: The “Me Too” Factor: Letting Go of Self-Doubt

Day 31: Letting Go of Cool to Embrace Goofy

October 2012


Day 1: I Never Expected This

Day 2: No Apologies – Wisdom from Lauren Winner

Day 3: Letting Go of the Schedule 

Day 4: Letting Go of Expectations

Day 5: When You Wonder if Anyone is Listening

Day 6: Letting Go of Routine

Day 7: Cease Striving

Day 8: Letting Go of the Past

Day 9: Letting Go – In Her Words {Guest Post and Giveaway}

Day 10: Stepping on Toes to Freedom

Day 11: Letting Go of Measuring Up

Day 12: When Letting Go Hurts

Day 13: Pilgrims Surrender

Day 14: Letting Go of Trying to Figure it Out

Day 15:  When You Let Go of the Right to Be Loved

Day 16: Sneaky Self-Sufficiency

Day 17:  Chili, Church Talk, and Choosing to Let Go of Being Understood

Day 18: On Influence, Division, and Letting Go Before You’re Ready

Day 19: When Recognition Rips You Wide Open

Day 20:  When Letting Go Seems Foolish

Day 21: Illumination

Day 22:  For the Forlorn, Fractured and Forgotten

Day 23:  On Writing, Loss, and Letting Go of Resentment

Day 24: Let Go of the Measuring Stick, You Are Enough

Day 25: When It’s Okay to Let Go of Being An Adult

Day 26: Letting Go of Preconceived Notions About Being the Church

Day 27: Acceptance

Day 28: Because This is What Makes Letting Go Possible

Day 29: Trust, Tenacity, and Letting Go of Fear

Day 30: Will You Join Me?

Day 31: Finally Letting Go, In Your Words {Giveaway}

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